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Faith Based Organizations Use Automated Calls And Text

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If you are running a church or belong to ministries and other religious groups, then getting in touch with all members is the most crucial thing to manage. The use of a church communication app is a secure, trustworthy, and efficient way to communicate with your church members. Our church communication platform makes it easy for you to share with them all as a whole just with one click, or you can also contact them individually if there is a need to. Sometimes newsletters are not enough; church texting software can provide big bang awareness to your church. There is no need to stress about whether the audience will read your message or not; you will get notified. It takes 3 minutes to read most messages, and with the advancement of technology, people prefer to communicate through the church texting services of Robotalker.

Benefits of mass texting for churches:

Texts are difficult to ignore, like emails or other marketing channels, so it not only allows you to get in touch with all of the members, but the church notification system will help you to get more members and make your church more popular. So kindly check the features of our mass texting system for churches and boost your communications within a few hours without any hassle.
You can use church SMS software to reach a large audience within no time
You can encourage engagement, sending Bible verses with church text messaging
You can Encourage the new members to visit again through church service reminder message
The attendance of an event can be increased using the church messaging app
You can use the church communication system to contact the entire congregation 24/7.
How to choose the best texting app for churches?
With the number of texting apps for churches, it is now challenging to choose the best one; here are some tips you should consider while selecting one and why you must go for robotalker.

The app that offers the best mass texting service for churches should be affordable.

It should be easy to use:

Share Event reminders, group activities
Send church SMS text messages within seconds
Ensure guaranteed delivery of the message for church service
Should allow considerable time for recording
Robotalker has all these mentioned features & a team of professional customer support that’ll facilitate you getting the best services.
For what purposes can you use a text messaging service for churches?

Church communication system can be used for the following purposes:

Bereavement Announcements
Choir Rehearsals
Event Reminders
Community Service
Emergency Messages
Volunteer Requests
Youth Group Activities
Scheduling Changes / Weather Cancellations
And many more

As you now know what the best texting app for churches should be like, you can trust Robotalker without hesitation. It has all the qualities you may seek to make your church communication system an effective one. You will get more than you expect with robotalker; it offers the best services with the best value.

What do we offer?

Affordable- No extra monthly fees
Unlimited church SMS text messages and phone calls for $20/100 contacts
The members can subscribe to your list just by sending a text
All calls and messages are 100% FTC and FCC legal.
Fastest speed, sending text within 3 SECONDS.
Offers recordings for up to 2 MINUTES
DIRECT delivery to voice-drops (~80%) with Ringless voicemails
GUARANTEED delivery of messages and calls
Share your church number with all members.
Simplest to use giving the best value
10% more contacts/month for emails with .edu, .org, etc.


Engaged your congregation every week with phone calls and text messages

Use our SUPER SIMPLE TO USE dialer and texting system to send out your automated phone calls and text messages with only the click of your mouse. Our prices are low and calls can be up to TWO minutes in length so take your time talking with the congregation. You can sign up up for our MONTHLY PLAN and make unlimited phone calls and text message to a limited list of phone numbers! So simple to use we show you everything you need to know in an 8 minute video! Our simple to use interface also includes many emailed reports and statistics to monitor the success of your call blast and text campaigns.

Your calls and text messages will be: 100% FTC / FCC legal

We works with all IPad, IPhone, Apple Laptop, Windows PC or your Android device.

Robotalker's notification user portal is a completely simplistic, 100% cloud based system; that requires no equipment or programming establishment. Recorded Voice, Text To Speech and SMS Text can be sent whenever. At the point when your message matters, we will convey your message rapidly and dependably.
Since it is online, you can start your automated telephone tree using our church texting services in a basic and simple way from any smart telephone, web associated gadget or our versatile application interface that works on all browsers. Try not to depend on old, obsolete strategies to get the word out, use our automation for your Church calling to send voice, text, with our 100% web based application to push warnings to the entire membership. Target particular little gatherings and services utilizing our helpful sub-groups component for groups of say Bible Study, Members, Campus and so on without worry that duplicate messages will be sent. Assist your ministers by setting up so they can send messages to their particular missions.


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